Kurush Mistry

Kurush Mistry has a wealth of experience in commodities analysis, specializing in Crude Oil, Refined Products, and Renewable Fuels. Hailing from India, Kurush received his education from the country's most prestigious management school and has had a diverse career at esteemed organizations, successfully navigating through significant changes. 

He has a deep passion for music, enjoys exploring new places, and proudly considers himself a New Yorker. After obtaining a Commerce degree from Chennai, India, he became a Chartered Accountant, excelling in all three qualifying exams with top honors. With a strong foundation, he pursued an MBA in finance at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, where he had the opportunity to learn about the latest business concepts, collaborate with peers from various educational backgrounds, and develop his problem-solving and communication skills. 

Kurush's professional journey began in 2003 when he joined Lehman Brothers in Tokyo after completing his MBA. He was selected to be a part of their Interest Rate Strategies Team, which gave him his first taste of an international corporate environment, allowing him to apply his financial expertise to real-world situations and immersing him in a culturally enriching experience. 

In 2005, he relocated to Lehman in New York. He worked with their award-winning Interest Rate Strategies team until 2008, managing a diverse portfolio of products such as US Government Bonds and Interest Rate Derivatives. During this time, he established a strong reputation among Lehman's US clients, including central banks, mortgage companies, and pension funds, and played a vital role in the team's growth.


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